CULTURAL RESOURCES SURVEY Produced as part of the Newmont Sabajo ESIA – 2017 



This Cultural Resources (CR) survey focusses on tangible (i.e. places of worship, artifacts) and intangible (customs and beliefs, rites, traditional knowledge) heritage of both the Kawina people who have traditionally used the Commewijne watershed area, and communities that are located near the Sabajo project. Archeology is part of the CR study but is included in a separate report. The Indigenous communities of the Carolina area will also be described in a separate report. The main ethnic groups of relevance to this study are the Saamaka Maroons (communities: Balingsoela, Asigron and Drepada) and two subgroups of Ndyuka Maroons: the Kawina Ndyuka (communities: Java, Pennenica, Gododrai/Mapane1, Moismoiskondre/Moengotapoe and Maripa‐Ondro/Mooimankondre) and Saakiiki Ndyuka (communities: Tapoeripa, Compagniekreek and Boslanti).

Newmont Suriname commissioned the study as part of its environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) for the Sabajo project in Suriname. Social Solutions conducted the fieldwork under the auspices of the Surinamese engineering firm ILACO. The US based consultancy firm Golder Associates Ltd., which was responsible for development of the entire ESIA document, provided supervision and advice where needed.



CULTURAL RESOURCES SURVEY Produced as part of the Newmont Sabajo ESIA – 2017

Small-scale Mining Survey Produced as part of the Newmont Sabajo ESIA – 2017

Socioeconomic and Cultural Resources Survey For the communities of Powakka, Philipusdorp (Kl. Powakka), Redi Doti, Cassipora and Pierre Kondre Kumbasi.  Background study for REDD+ implementation: multi-perspective analysis of drivers of deforestation, forest degradation and barriers to REDD+ activities – 2016 Reducing the Use and Release of Mercury by Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Miners in Suriname - 2016
Small-scale goldmining at Brownsberg National Park - 2015 Suriname Migration Profile. A study on emigration from and immigration into Suriname - 2015 Gold Miners' Knowledge, Attitudes & Practices with regard to Mercury. WWF and GOMIAM - 2014 Female Condom Acceptability Study. UNFPA, 2014 Study on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of malaria and malaria treatment in the small-scale gold mining sector in Suriname
State of the art diagnosis on comprehensive sexuality education. CSE, UNFPA - 2013 Gender analysis of NCDs in Guyana. PAHO, WHO Guiana - 2013 Gender Assessment of Small-Scale Mining in Mongolia. The Asia Foundation, Mongolia - 2013 Looking for gold, finding malaria. Malaria Program, Ministry of Health, Suriname (with PAHO) - 2012 Migrant & mobile populations and access to HIV services in gold mining areas in Suriname. Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV & AIDS (PANCAP) - 2012
Behavioural surveillance survey & seroprevalence study among sex workers and their clients in small-scale gold mining areas . National AIDS Program, Ministry of Health, Suriname - 2012 Behavioural surveillance survey & sero-prevalence study among sex workers in Paramaribo, Suriname. National AIDS Program, Ministry of Health, Suriname - 2012 Condom use among commercial sex workers Suriname (a study in Paramaribo and Albina). UNFPA - 2011


Child labor in the small-scale gold mining industry in Suriname. US Department of Labor - 2011  


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