Celine Duijves

As an anthropologist I am mainly working in the fields of mining, public health and education.

I did my graduate research in the interior of Suriname and obtained my MA degree in Cultural Anthropology at the VU University (2006). March 2015 I started with a Master in International Health at the Royal Tropical Institute (NVAO accreditated) and I am now working on my thesis with the working title; Culturally defined health beliefs of health care providers in the interior of Suriname and how they affect their health advice and practices.

I have conducted research in Suriname since 2005, among others and have been working as a social science consultant in Suriname since 2009. My studies combine qualitative interviews, focus groups and quantitative surveys in both interior communities and urban areas with a focus on vulnerable groups and hard to reach communities (migrants, sex workers, gold miners).

I have worked with a wide range of clients including international development assistance agencies (e.g. UNFPA, UNICEF, International Organization for Migration), government agencies (e.g. Suriname Ministry of Health, US Department of Labor), international health organizations (e.g. PANCAP, PAHO, MSH), non-governmental organizations and private industry (e.g. Staatsolie).

You can find my CV here

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